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Gourmetli is the first fully distributed and fully automated system to sell food online. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, Gourmetli provides a combination of seamless onboarding, front and back end technology tailored for online food commerce, and extraordinary convenience.


“The Gourmetli platform helps connect all my suppliers in to one system. No more unnecessary middlemen!”

Jeroen Zegwaart -Directlyfrom


Selected customers

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One system to handle all

The Gourmetli system is fully committed to handling all the challenges associated with selling food online, including volatility in weights as well as availability of products. The Gourmetli platform creates an opportunity for all market participants to engage with end consumers directly – by utilizing the Gourmetli technology, producers, distributors, wholesalers and product brands can circumvent middle men and sell directly to consumers.


“One system to rule them all”

Linnés Mathus

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